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Round Table on ICT as an Enabler for Economic Development
Beirut, 29-30 April 2004

Meeting Documents

Meeting papers and presentations listed by session:

Setting the Stage
Day One: 29 April 2004

Opening remarks:

Ahmed Farahat, Chief, ICT Division, ESCWA
Thomas Farole, Regional Director, Kaiser Associates

Round table context and objectives:

Mervat Tallawy, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Secretary, ESCWA

Ismail S. Abdallah, Former Minister of Planning, President of the Third World Forum, Egypt

Information and Communication Technology as Development Enabler (1)

ICT as an Enabler for Trade and Transport Development
Thomas Farole

Investing in the ICT Sector in the ESCWA Region: The Experience of the Islamic Corporation Ali Soliman

ESCWA experience in trade facilitation Nabil Safwat

The case of integrated transport Coll Hunter

Review of EDI-based trade and transport operations Niels Rasmussen

Information and Communication Technology as Development Enabler (2)

The socioeconomic environment for ICT assimilation: Regional impediments (Arabic) Essam Galal

ICT for poverty reduction and employment creation in Western Asia Wajdi Mattar

Knowledge-based industry development in Oman - Ahmed Al Dheeb

ICT applications in the Ministry of Finance of Egypt (Arabic) Mamdouh Shoaib

CyberPorts as regional hubs for development

The Dube TradePort Cyberport: ICT and Logistics in Integration for Economic Development  Mazen Khoury

Evolving from "e" to "see" in the Web age Jacques Ekmekji

Public/Private ICT services cooperation and benchmarking, towards economic development Radwan Habli

E-commerce in Lebanon  Alain Jean

Empowering e-business in Egypt: Facing the challenges Sherif Hashem

Bahrain Investors Centre (Arabic)  Eva Hasan

Background presentation

ICT and Knowledge-Based Economy in the ESCWA Region
ICT Division, ESCWA

Making Telecenters Work  Souheil Marine

Background papers

Palestine and the Information Economy (Arabic)  Hazem Qawasmi

The Strategic Implementation of ICT Dynamics within Uncertainty of New Economy to Facilitate Trade and Transport  Ahmed S. Ragab

Forging a Regional Partnership Initiative
Day Two: 30 April 2004

Round Table Discussions and Interventions Around Key Elements of the Partnership

Main orientation and thrust areas
Constituting components
The Road Ahead and Closing


Final Report

Information Note



List of Participants (PDF)

List of Speakers (PDF)