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Expert Group Meeting on Promotion of Digital Arabic Content (DAC)
3-5 June 2003, UN-House, Beirut, Lebanon


Meeting papers and presentations listed by session and theme:

Opening Statement

Ms. Mervat Tallawy, Under Secretary-General and Executive Secretary, ESCWA (Arabic)

Keynote Address (main paper)

The Arab Content Industry System: Challenges, Opportunities and Solution Frameworks (Arabic)

Nabil Ali Abdel-Aziz

Papers and Presentations in the Sessions
Session I: Digital Arabic Content Development: Media Content

Internet and journalistic skills - a case study of Al-Ahram (Arabic)

Abu El-Soud Abd El Rehim

Contribution of the daily written media in strengthening the digital Arabic content (Arabic)

Imad Bachir

Arabic digitization problems: Lessons from Alwaraq.com (Arabic)

Moutasem Zakkar

Session II: Arabic Domain Names: Highlights

A review of the Arabic domain names industry: past initiatives, present status and future perspectives

Charles Sha'ban

Top level Arabic domain names (Arabic)

Abdulaziz Al-Zoman

Multilingualization standard

Wael Nasr Abdel-Ati

Internet domain name registration and dispute resolution

Erik Wilbers

Domain names: When is it going to be in Arabic? (Arabic)

Abdulaziz Al-Zoman, Raed Al-Faiz, and Anas Assiri

Arabizing Domain Names (Arabic)

Abdulaziz Al-Zoman

Session III: Digital Arabic Content Development: Cultural and Educational Content

Development of digital Arabic content for the Egyptian cultural heritage

Fathi Saleh

Heritage publishing on the Web (In Arabic)

Youssef Ziedan

Dar Al-Taaseel experience in developing specialized databases (In Arabic) (Not available)

Abdul Rahman Aqeel

Adapting e-learning applications for the promotion of digital Arabic content (In Arabic)

Ammar AlAttiyyat

Session IV: Arabic Domain Names: Panel Discussion
Session V: Language Processing

The second wave of Arabic natural language processing: A content perspective

Nabil Ali Abdel-Aziz

Machine translation and the promotion of the digital Arabic content (In Arabic)

Adnan Eydan Wall

Standardization of using Arabic language in computers (In Arabic)

Ahmed Abu El-Haija

Internet communication in Arabic Language

Steve Lee

Session VI: Arabic Content Industry

Prerequisites for developing the Arab content industry

Hossam El Beblawi

Commercial models for promoting digital Arabic content

Ali Al-Assam

Digital Arabic content industry: A business case for Lebanon

Fouad Mrad and Roula Moussa


Session VII: Round Table (A): General Discussion

Session VIII: Round Table (B): The Road Ahead
Session IX: Closing and Recommendations


Final Report

Meeting Outline

Meeting Portfolio

Meeting Documents

List of Participants (Arabic)

Meeting Report (Arabic)