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"The Information Society From Declaration to Implementation"
United Nations Regional Commissions, Palais des Nations,
Geneva, 21 May 2007

List of Documents

Session I: ICT and Sustainable Development

  1. The impact of ICTs on employment and poverty alleviation in Africa: Opportunities and challenges

  2. E-government and environment: e-participation in environmental decision-making under the Aarhus Convention

  3. Regional profile of Information Societies in Latin America and the Caribbean

  4. ICT initiatives for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in the ESCWA member countries

  5. Knowledge Economy and ICT4D in Asia and the Pacific

Session II: ICT and Globalization

  1. Regional Action Plan eLAC2007

  2. ICT, trade and economic growth in Africa

  3. Regional profile of the Information Society in Western Asia

  4. Regional cooperation to achieve WSIS targets in Asia and the Pacific

  5. E-business the backbone for international supply chains


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