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ICT Policy Making in ESCWA Member Countries
2-4 May 2006, UN-House, Beirut, Lebanon


Session 1: Analyzing ICT policies and strategies in the ESCWA Region

Analyzinig ICT Policies and strategies in the ESCWA region (presentation)

Analyzinig ICT Policies and strategies in the ESCWA region (study)

Session 2: ICT Strategies in ESCWA member Countries (1)

Challenges and success of the implementation of ICT strategy in Egypt

ICT Policy Making in ESCWA Countries - Lebanese ICT strategies infrastructure and regulator perspectives

National ICT Strategy in Syria Methodology outcome and implementation

Session 3: ICT Strategies in ESCWA member countries (2)

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy statement

Investing in the future jordan s leadership drive change

Palestinian experience using IT to make information available for all people

Session4: Strategies of the development of the ICT Sector

Egypt IT industry strategy

National information strategy in Yemen

Session 5: Sectoral ICT Strategies

Analysis of the Survey for SMEs using E-commerce in Lebanon

Current Legislative Framework for E-transaction in Lebanon

E-government Journey from formulating strategies to implementing plans of action

ICT strategy in Higher Education

Session 6: Monitoring and evaluation of ICT strategies

Benchmarking plan of action

Information society measurement -Policies and Indicators

Measurement and analysis of the impact of ICT policies

Session 7: Cooperation and partnership

Building a region ICT policy makers network

Deglobalizing pan Arab ICT strategies

Multi stakeholder partnerships for the region


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