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Legal Informatics An Arab Perspective
United Nations House, Beirut, 12-14 December 2005‎


Background material:
eGovernment: Challenges and Prerequisites (Ar) Kuwait
Informatics and its Implications on Labor Laws and Systems (Ar) Syria
Intelligence Collective et Droit (Fr) JurisPedia
Intelligent Decision Support Systems for Laws Drafting Bahrain
Electronic Publishing (Ar) Lebanon
Workshop documents listed by sessions:
Day 1 : Monday 12 December 2005
Access to Legal Information: Implications and Challenges
Impact of Legal Informatics on Economy

Demyanous Kattar

Legislation of ICTs in Tunis (Ar) Aiida Al-Shamsi
Computers, the Law, and the People: Democracy Plugged-In Christopher Murray
Information Society Applications in the Legal Domain I - Public Sector
Opening speech (Ar) Jean Ogasapian
eGovernment: The Lebanese eGovernment Project Raymond Khoury
eGovernment: Challenges and Prerequisites (Ar) Abdullah Al-Kandari
Informatics and its Implications on Labor Laws and Systems (Ar) Afaf Shamdin
Day 2: Tuesday 13 December 2005
Do we need Legislation for Personal Data Protection? (Fr) Rania Haj Chahine
eCommerce: Legal Issues and Practical Solutions (Fr) Zahi Younes
Information Society Applications in the Legal Domain II, Capacity Building
Free Access to Legal Information Thomas Forsh
Challenges Faced by the International Criminal Court Regarding Arabic Content Management Toleen Touq
Intelligence Collective et Droit - Encyclopedie Juridique Collaborative Multilingue: JurisPedia (Fr) Hughes-Jehan Vibert
Information Society Applications in the Legal Domain III, Private Sector
Legal eLibraries: Sader Publishers (Ar) Rany Sader
Qanoun.com Firas El Qudah
National and Regional Perspectives
Arab League Experience: Judiciary and Legal Studies Center- Beirut Bassem Haydar
Country Reports on Legislative/Judicial Information Systems
Egypt: The People Assembly, Shura Council, LADIS Ehab Seoudi
Oman: Shura Council Ahmed Baaboud

Lebanon: - Lebanese Parliament (Ar)

               - Lebanese University - Center for Legal Informatics

Ashraf Baydoun

Rima Harb

Day 3: Wednesday 14 December 2005
Smart Search Engines Majed Sanan
The Arab Legal Information Institute for Capacity Building Thomas Forsh
The Arab Legal Information Network ESCWA, Lebanese University