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DAMASCUS, 22-23 November 2004
Partnership for Building the Arab Information Society

List of Themes, Presentations and Speakers | Download in PDF


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THEME 1: Civil Society and NGOs

Mowafak Daaboul Chairperson

Amani Kandil

A Prospect on the Arab Civil Society and the Information Society

Moustapha Masmoudi

Civil Society in the Information Age

Mounir Idaibes

Outcome of Amman Conference "Towards a Just Information Society" 

Kinda Mouhamadieh

Youth and Information Society in the Arab Region

THEME 2: National Perspectives

Maher Al-Moujtahed Chairperson

Imad  Sabouni

Developing an ICT Strategy for Syria

Ziad I. Haddara

Launching the National e-Strategy in Lebanon

Hassan Sharafuddin

Knowledge Society (Case of Yemen)

Ihsan Ali Bu-Hulaiga

Saudi Information Society and Knowledge Economy

THEME 3: Knowledge Building

Ibrahim Al-Haddad Chairperson

Moutasem  Zakkar

Digital Divide or Knowledge Divide?

Toufic  Mezher

A Framework for Building a Knowledge Society in the Arab Region

Hussam Kayyal

Public Private Partnership in the Middle East

THEME 4: Women Issues

Farkhonda Hassan Chairperson

Anita Gurumuthy

ICT and Gender

Rai'da Saleh Al-Zu'bi

Bridge Gender and ICT Pack

Hana Asfour

e-village Initiative

THEME 5: National Perspectives

Samia Melki Fessi Chairperson

Nadia Hegazy

Egyptian Best Practices for Potential Replication

Omar Qourah

Information in the Service of Development

Moawia Yahiah

ICT Scientific Research Priorities and Status in Sudan

THEME 6: ICT Strategies

Ahmad El-Sherbini Chairperson

Najib Abdel Wahed

Leapfrogging as a Development Strategy for Developing Countries: Potentials of ICTs

Gamal Darwish

Model for Developing National Informatics Plan for Arab Countries

Ahmad Mansour  Towards an Arab ICT Industrial Strategy

Sadek Moufti

Global Development Gateways

THEME 7: Socio-Economic Applications

Najat Rochdi Chairperson

Ahmad Al Kohiji

Bahrain e-commerce Initiative: A Framework for Success

Ayssar Midani

e-Health and Syria

Bruno Salgues

Cybercities for Development

Salah Rustum

The Electronic Digital Signature

Bassem Safadi

Role of Information Watch in Business Development

THEME 8: Global Issues

Raymond Khoury Chairperson

Ziad  Abdelsamad

ICTs and the Millennium Development Goals

Axel Pawlik

Introduction to the RIPE NCC

Rob Blokzijl

Technical Coordination of the Internet

Karmela Godeau

Migration, ICT and the Information Society

THEME 9: Digital Arabic content

Yousef Nusseir Chairperson

Abdulaziz Al-Zoman

Saudi NICs Experiences and Contributions in Supporting Arabic Domain Names

Mohamed El-Hamalawy

Principles of Addressing Schemes for Arabic Domain Names on the Internet

Adnan  Wall

Arabic Language and the Internet

Ahmed El-Sobky

e-Content: The Bridge to a Knowledge-Based Society

Hussain Ibraheem

Methodology of Media Communications in the Information Society

THEME 10: ICT Sector

Imad Sabouni Chairperson

Thierry Albrand

ALCATELs Digital Bridge Initiative

Samir Aita

Issues and Challenges for the Development of an ICT Economic Sector

Mahmoud Anbar

Public – Private Partnership (PPP)

Mahir S. Ali

Information and Communication Technologies:  A Must Partnership Among Goverments, Industry and Universities

Ziad Jabry

The Making of an Arabic Internet Search Engine

THEME 11: Regional Cooperation

Abdulrahman Sabri Chairperson

Mohammad Timoulali

Africa Preparation for the Second Phase of WSIS

Yousef Nusseir

Arab Cooperation in Building the Information Society

Salam Yamout  

Propositions for Reaching the Arab Information Society

Ahmad Dhaif

Gulf Industrial Databases

Najat Rochdi

ICT Development in the Arab region

THEME 12: UNESCO Knowledge Communities

Tarek Shawki

Chairperson - UNESCO Knowledge Communities

Abdel-Elah Al-Ayyoub

The Moodle Course Management System: A Free, Open Source System for Online Learning

Christophe Déplacé

Wolfram Mathematica System

Vincenzo Pulliatti      

Arab Open Source Business Consortium

Nabil Sabry           

On Usability and Evaluation of Open Courseware in Developing Nations

Eglal Bahgat 

Memory of the Arab World