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The United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/56/183, adopted in 2001, endorsed the ıInternational Telecommunication Union (ITU) proposal to hold a World Summit on the ıInformation Society (WSIS) at the highest possible level and under the high patronage of the ıUnited Nations Secretary-General. The main objective of WSIS is to develop a common vision ıand understanding of the information society and the adoption of a declaration of principles and ıa plan of action for implementation by governments, international institutions and all sectors of ıcivil society.
The Summit was organized in two phases; the first phase took place in Geneva during 10-12 ıDecember 2003 and the second phase in Tunis in 2005.
WSIS has offered a unique opportunity for the world community to discuss and give shape to the ıinformation society by bringing together key players: governments, international organizations, ıprivate sector, civil society/NGOs. It has addressed the central issues raised by the information ısociety and related to policy formulation, socioeconomic development as well as cultural, ethical ıand technological concerns, which include:
i.ı Building the ICT infrastructure; ı
ii.ı Universal and equitable access to the information society; ı
iii.ı Services and applications; ı
iv.ı User needs; ı
v.ı Developing a framework for building the information society; ı
vi.ı ICTs in education. ı

The ITU has taken the leading managerial role in the preparatory process, while regional United ıNations organizations and host countries have taken the initiative to organize regional ıpreparatory conferences with the aim of producing regional perspectives for the knowledge-ıbased society. Regional organizations, civil society institutions and NGOs have contributed to, ıand actively participated in, the preparatory process and in the Summit.ı