ESCWA's Support to the Arab Region
Economic Development and Globalization Division (EDGD)



Under the overall umbrella of equitable and sustainable development and in line with its mandate, ESCWA's work will focus on three strategic pillars: inclusive development, regional integration, and good governance and resilience. These objectives were identified as a result of extensive internal consultations and based on the region's current and forecasted needs along with lessons learned from previous biennia.

    Pilar 1: Regional Integration

    Increased prosperity for men and women of ESCWA's region as a result of strengthened regional cooperation for the promotion of inclusive and sustainable development.

    - Equity, inclusion and employment

    - Competitive knowledge-based economies

    - Sustainable natural resource management

    Pilar 2: Equitable Growth and Sustainability

    To achieve an inclusive, equitable and sustained development and accelerate the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals through appropriate macroeconomic and social policies and with adequate financing for development.

    - Knowledge and technology management

    - Sustainable infrastructure

    - Socioeconomic coordination

    - Food, water and energy security

    - Gender-sensitive policies and legislation

  • Develop a comprehensive and inclusive 10th National Development Plan - Saudi Arabia

    Pilar 3: Good Governance and Resilience

    Strengthened capacity of member countries to build engagement between government and people based on citizenship while building robust socioeconomic resilience to the ramifications of continuous instability and resulting development deficits and resilience to crises and shocks.

    - Participation and citizenship

    - Socioeconomic impacts of conflict and occupation

    - Institutional development

  • The National Agenda for the Future of Syria - Syria
ESCWA's Support to the Arab Region