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Database: Project in Yemen

Project Name:

Establishment of Community Access Centers (CACs)

Project Description:

CACs are intended as platforms for electronic information and knowledge access and sharing, providing affordable public access to information services, specifically targeted to the youth.

The 10 centers established in Yemen serve both as training centers for the youth on information technology, for workforce development and more importantly as “cyber café’” where youth can meet and connect with the outside world in one hand and where NGOs can address specific development issues (unemployment, etc.)

The overall aim of the centers is community socio-economic development through information and communications technologies. Such centers constitute an innovative approach to community development, to networking and social communication, and assist to disseminating information on local services, recreational and educational information, programs and data, in addition to promoting non-formal education.

The establishment of the centers is a joint intervention between the Government, UNDP/ICTDAR and the private sector.

Database: Project in Yemen

Project Name:


Project Description:

The main aim behind the e-Strategy is to lay out the roadmap for the e-enabling building blocks covering the information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure, the institutional and legal frameworks and the human resources from both the service user and service provider perspectives. This shall serve towards achieving the following:

- Mainstreaming ICT into national development priorities
- Formulation of a national e- strategy that includes capacity development, economic opportunity and social equity in addition to infrastructure and other policy dimensions
- Bringing together and facilitating dialogue between all key players on the priorities and modalities of implementation

For that purpose, the project will seek to:
- Conduct e-readiness assessment
- Formulate an e-strategy document highlighting priorities along with implementation plan
- Co-organize series of stakeholders workshops and meetings

Database: Project in Internet and Technology City, Sana’a, Yemen

Project Name:

Program to Foster Socio-Economic Development in Yemen Using ICT (Preparatory Assistance)

Project Description:

The Preparatory Assistance project aims to facilitate seven different initiatives through an incubator approach. The seven main components – to be implemented independently from each other, are designed to work in coordination and form the comprehensive UNDP ICT Programme in Yemen. Based on the revised work plan and project document, the programme component was reduced to four components. They are designed to work in coordination with ICT stakeholders. These components are:

1. Support to strengthen the different government structures in ICT, i.e., High Commission for the National Information Technology Program, National Steering Committee and Project Management Office

2. Formulation of a Comprehensive National ICT Master Plan (E-strategy) which starts with E-Readiness Assessment.

3. Implementation of the following quick-win projects:
a. Community Access Centers
b. Capacity Building in ICT
c. Development of Government Portal
d. Mobile Internet Units

4. High level advisory services and support for ICT and development policies.

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