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Database: Project in Damascus

Project Name:

E-strategy for Syria

Project Description:

This project aims at creating a platform for analyzing national needs and setting a framework for a national strategy for using ICTs in managing the opportunities and challenges posed by the new global environment.

Database: Project in Syria

Project Name:

ICT Support Center for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Project Description:

The ICT center for SMEs will provide Arab SMEs with a one stop shop for their ICT needs.

By providing multiple services and resources allowing Arab SMEs to leverage the use of ICT, the project will increase the capacity of SMEs, especially in terms of employment generation.

The interventions towards SMEs will aim at the retooling of existing business practices with added ICT emphasis for efficiency, markets outreach, the cross-fertilization of information related to market creation, innovation and technology adoption. The program will tend to promote, support and complement large scale and replicable employment generation initiatives.

The overall objective of the center is to provide resources and services to SMEs in the usage of ICT. Such resources and services will allow SMEs in the Arab region to increase competitiveness and efficiency.

Project will cover the following activities:
- Set up an ICT Hub (service provider) in partnership with government, NGOs, professional associations, local authorities and the private sector
- Create nodes through existing Community Access Centers (2nd phase)
- Develop Entrepreneurship specially for Women and Youth
- Develop an SME Info Portal and Toolkit

The centers will be implemented nationally in several Arab Countries based on a regional e-business model replication mechanism through the region.

Project Objectives:
-To foster SMEs creation
-To bring IT jobs to rural areas to address unemployment, underemployment, and population loss
-To enable local development

Database: Project in Damascus

Project Name:


Project Description:

ICT4Dev will support Syria in the use of Information and communication technology (ICTs) for human development through the provision of the following services in a good number of telecenters across Damascus:

- Internet Access,
- Computer use,
- printing / scanning and fax
- Training (ICDL, graphics design, web design…etc.)

Database: Project in 14 governorates in Syria

Project Name:

National Programme for IT Dissemination

Project Description:

The programme consists of opening the computing facilities at secondary schools in all cities to the public for a token fee and carrying out introductory courses on the use of personal computers.

The programme aims at:
- The eradication of computer illiteracy among ordinary citizens
- Promotion of information technology in Syria by giving all categories of people the possibility of following the IT evolution.

Database: Project in Damascus – Syria

Project Name:

Strategic ICT Program for Socio-economic Development in Syria

Project Description:

The programme will support Syria in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) for human development. Activities aim to help direct ICT developments in Syria towards human development by assisting the creation of an enabling environment and capacities. The programme is based on six major and interlinked interventions with a view to creating the basic environment and capacities for further national and donor funded activities to use ICT as a tool for human development.

These components are:

(I) Assessment of the suitability of the current and future ICT developments in the country to serve as a tool for human development.

(II) A financial mechanism to ensure the proliferation and sustainability of telecenters, using the franchise model.

(III) Development of the information content relevant to local and national human development requirements, through a development portal.

(IV) A model Mobile Internet Unit to serve as a bridge of information into remote areas until the overall proliferation of the telecenters and ICT in general.

(V) Policy advise to ensure that the national ICT strategy whether on infrastructures and application are in line with the needs of human development

(VI) Training and capacity building in areas of ISP management. A Partnerships with public and private institutions will be critical to the success of the programme.

Database: Project in - Bosra, South of Damascus - Al-Zabadani, near Damascus - Dreikish, near Tartous The Ministry of Information and Technology plans to open another 11 of these reef (rural) telecentres this year, with support from UNDP.

Project Name:

Telecenters in Syria

Project Description:

The telecentres are training and service-oriented, focusing on technology as a tool to help people gain information and modern skills to improve their lives and livelihoods.

The telecentres programme builds on six broad initiatives to help Syria use ICT as a tool for human development. These include:

- Assessing suitable ways of using ICT for human development,
- Setting up a financial mechanism to sustain the telecentres using a franchise model, and
- Developing information content relevant to local and national human development requirements through ReefNet.

The programme will also use a pilot mobile Internet unit to reach out to remote areas until ICT becomes more widely available, give policy advice to ensure that the national ICT strategy is in line with human development needs, and offer training in managing Internet Service Providers.

The program's telecenters will use ReefNet, a web portal providing information in Arabic catering to rural needs, including local information and news, food security, employment, laws and legal rights, social services, health and the environment.

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