User distribution by Country
Argentina 1
Canada 2
Denmark 1
Egypt 7
Entire Middle East 1
France 1
Germany 1
India 3
Japan 2
jordan 4
kenya 1
Kuwait 1
Lebanon 30
Netherlands 2
Nigeria 1
Other 9
Pakistan 1
Palestine 3
Palestinian Authority 1
Philippines 1
Saudi Arabia 4
South Africa 2
Spain 3
Switzerland 1
Syria 11
Turkey 1
uganda 3
United Kingdom 2
USA 167
Yemen 5
Total Registered Users: 279
Database: Project in Various Arab states

Project Name:

Arab Women Connect

Project Description:

Arab Women Connect (AWC) is a bilingual clearinghouse website containing relevant information for Arab women. It is also a development tool to promote women’s usage of the Internet for their daily use and in developing new content through conducting Arabic-Based Internet and e-mail training sessions for Arab women’s organizations.

The project succeeded in providing easy access to gender resources for individuals and organizations around the world. In addition, by conducting Internet and e-mail workshops in various Arab countries the project trained national women’s machineries and relevant NGOs on how to utilize this new medium in their daily work. AWC also built the capacity of project partners to utilize ICT as a tool for information-exchange, networking, advocacy and lobbying.

AWC orientation sessions and presentations have raised the awareness of project partners to the importance of ICT for their daily work. The AWC mailing list and its discussion forums have created a network of communication and information exchange.

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