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The following database provides an overview of ICT initiatives for poverty reduction and employment creation in selected ESCWA member countries, with a view to share information and knowledge in Western Asia. The following database was populated from the results of a survey that was commissioned by ESCWA and is intended to provide an overview of the current efforts that are implemented or being implemented in a number of countries, as of November 2004. The following six ESCWA member countries were selected:

-- Egypt;
-- Jordan;
-- Lebanon;
-- Occupied Palestinian Territories;
-- Syrian Arab Republic;
-- Yemen.

The above selection excluded all ESCWA member countries with high HDI, mainly because poverty and unemployment is not as critical in these countries as they are in other member countries. Iraq, on the other hand, is in dire need for poverty reduction and employment creation initiatives; however it was difficult to gather the desired information from this country due to the current situation that Iraq is undergoing.

A total of 48 ICT initiatives were identified as directly related to poverty reduction and employment creation. The following guidelines were adhered to during the data collection process:

** ICT initiatives that were not considered to have a direct effect on poverty reduction are not included in this study, even if their long-term impact on employment creation was possible. As such, poverty reduction (and where applicable employment creation) was considered to be the primary selection criteria for the inclusion of initiatives in the results;

** Initiatives that are aimed at education with the ultimate goal of improving the chances of employment were listed as “directly related” initiatives.

In order to keep the database up-to-date, we welcome any remarks or modifications to the data generated in the database. In such case, please send your contributions to the following email:





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