National Conference on Social Policy in Palestine

9 June, 2009 , Ramallah

 A. Conference Documents
Draft Concept Paper (Ar)
Draft Concept Paper (En)
Agenda (Ar)
Agenda (En)
Executive Summary of the National Report (Ar)
Executive Summary of the National Report (En)

The Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development of the Palestinian Authority, in cooperation with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, held a National Conference on integrated social policy in Palestine, in Ramallah, on 9 June 2009. The conference was attended by a broad range of stakeholders from ministries, civil society, private sector representatives and the media, who discussed the findings of an expert report, prepared upon the request of the Palestinian Authority. The report reviews the Authority’s experience in economic and social policy planning, implementation and monitoring from 1994 to 2008.

Participants also discussed country experiences on integrated approaches to social policy from Egypt and Malaysia that could serve as a tool for development and social change, foster greater social solidarity and citizenship, and strengthen the social contract between government and citizens. Conclusions and recommendations included (i) the possible establishment of a national economic and social council that would serve as a consultative forum on social policy and social planning; and (ii) the creation of a social observatory.

The Social Development Division in ESCWA will continue supporting the Palestinian Authority in developing integrated social policy – in cooperation with other UN agencies active in the field.

Background Papers

  • Integrated Social Policy Report I: Framework and Comparative Analysis (Arabic & English)
  • Integrated Social Policy Report II:  From Concept to Practice (Arabic & English)
  • Information Kit on Social Observatories (Arabic & English)
  • Information Kit on Economic and Social Councils (Arabic & English)
  • Critical Review of Successful Experiences in Integrated Social Policy (English)
  • Comparative Study for the Formulation of Social Policies in the ESCWA Region (Arabic & English)
  • Five Country Case Studies


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