EGM on Compilation and Analysis of Energy Statistics and Indicators

3 to 5 March, 2009 , Beirut

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The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is organizing an Expert

Group Meeting in cooperation with MEDSTAT, International Energy Agency (IEA),

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and the United Nations Department of

Economics and Social Affairs' Statistics Division (UNSD).


Energy represents a basic input to all sectoral and national development plans, particularly in

ESCWA member countries where the energy sector has a vital role in the economic and social

development. While the development of national policies and programmes is highly

dependent on the availability, accuracy and reliability of statistical energy production and

sectoral consumption information, the quality of energy statistical information in most of

ESCWA member countries still needs capacity building to meet the appropriate statistical

requirements for formulating national development plans and international reporting.

The availability and overall quality of data on energy face several problems in the ESCWA

region and thus there is an urgent need to upgrade the level of awareness in the field of energy

statistics as well as for harmonizing the definitions and classification of energy statistical data.

ESCWA, UNSD, OPEC and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe), have organized a

similar activity in 2004. Since then, IEA has been leading the InterEnerStat meetings, where

major regional and international organizations share experiences for further cooperation and

harmonization in energy statistics. UNSD had performed a review process on the International

Recommendations of Energy Statistics, and it is organizing an International Meeting on

Energy Statistics in Mexico in December 2008 and reviewing the System of Integrated

Environmental and Economic Accounts (SEEA), including the energy accounts, to become an

international standard in 2012. MEDSTAT had developed a programme to assist

Mediterranean countries in improving their statistics on energy.


With the aim of further assisting ESCWA member countries in developing and improving

applied statistical skills, as well as promoting measures to improve the availability and

reliability of energy statistics and the harmonization of definitions and methodologies,

ESCWA is organizing the EGM inviting experts from the region and international experts to

discuss the topics below:


Main Topics

- International recommendations of energy statistics, methodologies for compilation of

oil, gas and electricity, renewable energy statistics;

- Energy balances and accounts;

- Energy indicators; and

- Analysis and dissemination of energy data.


The main outcomes of the meeting will be to:

1- Improve the capacity of users and producers of energy statistics in compiling,

analyzing and disseminating energy statistics and indicators and prepare energy

balances and accounts; and

2- Increase the harmonization in producing and disseminating data on energy statistics

regionally and internationally.


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