Arab CSOs Consultation on the Follow Up on the Arab Initiative for Sustainable Development

17 to 18 December, 2006 , Algiers

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 B. Outcome
Algiers declaration (Ar)
 C. Press coverage
Montada El Bia'a Issue no. 178, January 2007 (Ar)
 D. ESCWA Presentations
Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area
Key Trade and Environmental Issues affecting Sustainable Development in the Arab Region

Consultation with Civil Society was organized by the Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED) in cooperation with the League of Arab States with support from the Ministry of Regional Planning and Environment of Algeria, UN-ESCWA and other organizations.  Over 70 participants attended the meeting, which addressed issues associated with the follow-up to the Arab Initiative on Sustainable Development including poverty eradication, trade and environment, and combating destruction resulting from occupation in conflict stricken Arab countries.
In relation to trade and environment, presentations focused on key topics facing the region as well as the findings and preliminary recommendations of the Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area (SIA/EMFTA).

The meeting resulted in the Algiers Declaration, which was presented to the CAMRE Session and recommended the ministers to take into consideration the findings of the SIA/EMFTA, particularly the anticipated effects on the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and rural livelihoods, as well as the need to improve technology transfer, market access and capacity building arrangements. The Declaration also raised concerns about the implications of trade liberalization for trade in hazardous waste and products derived from genetically modified organisms, and the need to better involve civil society in national deliberations on trade and environment.


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