Workshop on Mainstreaming Gender in Labor Statistics in Iraq

9 to 12 December, 2008 , Turin

 A. Event Details
Information Note
 B. Background Documents
Informal sector (Ar)
Gender translation
Dissemenation of time use surveys (Ar)
ESWA resolution on Gender Stat
ESWA resolution on Gender Stat (Ar)
Analisys of labour statistics with gender perspective (Ar)
Employment in the informal economy

Tuesday 9

  • Opening ceremony Objective and expected outputs ARABIC
  • Development of Gender Statistics ENGLISH
    N. Jafar
  • Purpose of measuring Economically Active Population with a Gender Perspective (EAP) ENGLISH | ARABIC | COURSE (AR)
    S. Cavazza / M. Boudiaf
  • Gender issues and Economic Activities ARABIC
    S. Cavazza / N. Jafar
  • Iraq case study ARABIC
Wednesday 10

  • Economic activity concepts (continued)
    Underemployment /informal Sector and Informal employment ENGLISH
    A. Mata-Greenwood
  • Group Work
  • Methodology for producing labour indicators and gender-sensitive indicators ARABIC | GENDER (EN)
    A. Mata-Greenwood / N. Jafar
  • Group Work
Thursday 11

  • Gender issues in labour household surveys ENGLISH
    A. Hussein
  • Group Work
  • Improving gender data availability in labour statistics ARABIC
  • Case Studies
    LFS questionnaire Design ARABIC
Friday 12

  • Analysis of labour statistics with gender perspective ENGLISH
    A. Hussein / S. Cavazza
  • Data reporting from a gender perspective
    A. Hussein / S. Cavazza
  • Gender analysis of the informal Sector
    S. Cavazza
  • Perspective for the future / presentation of Group Work
    A. Hussein / Gender Unit
  • Evaluation and Closure


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