Expert Group Meeting on Regional Cooperation for Climate Change Impact Assessment on Water Resources in the Arab Region

5 to 6 July, 2012 , Beirut

 * Final Report
Final Report
 1. Event Details
Information note
Logistical information note
Registration form
List of Participants
 2. Background Documents
Regional Initiative
EGM1 technical report-October 2009
EGM2 technical report-November 2010
EGM3 technical report-July 2011
 3. Presentations
Session 1
Progress Made on the RICCAR and Follow-up on EGM3
GIZ Regional Program onACCWaM and its linkage to RICCAR
Regional Workshop on CC Prediction-Projection and Extreme Events
Regional Workshop on RCM Applications and Analysis
Session 2
Emission Scenarios and RCPs for RCM
Arab Domain-CORDEX and Ensemble Approach
Downscaling the Arab Domain using RegCM
Session 3
National-Level Assessments and National Communications
Regional Climate Outlook Forums and Regional Climate Centers
Status of Cooperation for Regional Preparations for UNFCCC COP - 18
Session 4
Climate Data Management and GIS tools - Part1
Climate Data Management and GIS tools - Part2
National Disaster Loss Database and Extreme Events Data Sources
Exisiting Knowledge Management Platforms on Water and CC
Criteria and Terms of Reference for a Regional Knowledge Hub
Session 5
UNDP Arab Climate Resilience Initiative and Lesson Learned

Within the framework of the Regional Initiative for the Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Socio-Economic Vulnerability in the Arab Region, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is organizing the Expert Group Meeting on Regional Cooperation for Climate Change Impact Assessment on Water Resources in the Arab Region, from 5 to 6 July 2012 at the United Nations House in Beirut, Lebanon. The EGM is organized in cooperation with the League of Arab States (LAS) and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP/ROWA) as part of the Regional Initiative. This is the fourth meeting following three expert meetings that were convened in Beirut to formalize the structure and methodological approach for implementing the Regional Initiative.

The purpose of this EGM is to review the progress achieved on the Regional Initiative and to discuss approaches for moving forward with the integrated socio-economic vulnerability assessment. It will gather representatives from water ministries from Arab member states, as well as regional and international organizations engaged in climate change as it relates to the water sector.


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