The Arab region participates in Rio+20

20 to 22 June, 2012 , Brazil

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Food Security and Safety for Development in a Changing Arab World
Green Economy in the context of Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development
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Led by Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf, ESCWA took an active part in Rio+20 and the third Preparatory Committee Meeting (13-15 June), during which the outcome document of the Conference was debated. Throughout the Conference, ESCWA closely monitored the deliberations and coordinated with Arab delegates, to ensure that they drew maximum benefit from the event. In addition, ESCWA organized side events at Rio+20 with regional and international partners, including the other regional commissions of the United Nations. The work of the regional commissions has shown the unique value of a regional perspective in articulating a demand driven, holistic and multidisciplinary agenda for sustainable development. During the Conference, ESCWA participated in four major side events, namely: "Green Growth and Sustainable Development: Regional Perspectives"; "United Nations System: Together for the Future We Want"; "Food Security and Safety for Development in a Changing Arab World"; and "Advancing Sustainable Development in Post-Conflict and In-Transition Countries: The cases of Lebanon and Liberia".

In this context and as shown in the matrix, ESCWA is organizing a series of national and regional workshops and seminars targeting different stakeholders such as government, civil society and the private sector, in addition to the publication of a number of reports. It is hoped that these activities will help develop a common Arab understanding of how the green economy can support sustainable development, and the measures and tools needed for ensuring a fair, advantageous and timely transition to such an economy in the region.

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Global and Regional Meetings
National Meetings

Preparatory Activities for Rio+20 (May 2010 onward)

Activity title

Venue and Date


Global: 1st Preparatory Committee (PrepCom I)

New York, 16-18 May 2010

Discuss focus areas of Rio+20

The 12th Session of the Joint Committee on Environment and Development in the Arab Countries (JCEDAR)

Cairo, 16-19 October 2010


Discuss conceptual framework for a green economy and Arab regional Rio+20 preparations

Regional Workshop on Trade and Environment: Developing the Environmental Goods and Services Sector in the Arab Region for Transformation into a Green Economy

Beirut, 15 to 16 December 2010

Discuss the basic concepts of a green economy and the contribution that Environmental Goods and Services can give to the achievement of such an economy

The 22nd Session of the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for Environment (CAMRE)

Cairo, 19-20 December 2010

Discuss the conceptual framework for a green economy and Arab regional Rio+20 preparations

Global: 1st Inter-Sessional Meeting

New York, 10-11 January 2011

DESA Report

3rd Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Arab Region: Paving the Path to Green Economy in the Arab Region

Cairo, 26-27 January 2011

Showcase best practices, review progress and exchange views on the needs and priorities of the region to promote the shift to SCP and the transition to a Green Economy

Global: 2nd Preparatory Committee (PrepCom II)

New York, 7-8 March 2011

Joint statement by Regional Commissions

ESCWA Technical Committee Meeting

Beirut, 6-7 April 2011

Present a background note on Rio+20 and green economy

Side Event to 15th RCM Meeting: Briefing Session on the Progress of Arab Regional Preparations for Rio +20

Beirut, 2 June 2011

Discuss potential UN-LAS cooperation for an inter-agency initiative on green Economy

Meeting on Economic Policies Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Arab Region

Beirut, 20-21 July 2011

Discuss  with representatives of ministries of finance available options for economic policy reform and financial instruments for transition to a green economy

Workshop on Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) to promote sustainable agricultural production, food quality and safety, environmental protection and trade in the Arab Region

Beirut, 27 September 2011

Review and raise awareness regarding the concept of VSS and its potential contribution to enhancing market share and market access for products and commodities from the region; and propose a framework for developing an operational regional initiative that enhances sustainable agriculture through voluntary sustainability standards

Conference on the Role of Green Industries in Promoting Socio-Economic Development in the Arab Region

Beirut, 28-30 September 2011

ESCWA will develop an Action Plan on Green Industries, notably Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) in partnership with the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)/ Regional Office for Western Asia, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the League of Arab States/ Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment.

Workshop on Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development in the Arab Region

Jeddah, 3-5 October 2011

Discuss existing institutional framework in the Arab region and possible reforms to address emerging challenges of sustainable development; Develop an Arab position in relation to international environmental governance, in partnership with the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Training Session for Major Groups in the Arab Region

Cairo, 15 October 2011

Increase the awareness of major groups and other stakeholders about the themes of the Rio+20 Conference and build their capacity to engage with the UN

Civil Society Consultation Meetings on Rio+20:

Regional Multi-Stakeholder Meeting in the Arab Region


Regional Civil Society Consultation in Preparation for Rio+20


Major Groups consultation


Beirut, 12-13 October 2011

Consultation with Civil Society on Rio+20, in partnership with the Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND)

UAE, 9-10 October 2011

Consultation with civil society and major groups, led by UNEP

New York, 14 October 2011

Consultation with Major Groups, led by DESA

Arab Regional Preparatory Conference for Rio+20 (Arab PrepCom)


Cairo, 16-17 October 2011


Discuss and adopt regional outcome reports to be submitted to JCEDAR and DESA Secretariat

13th Session of the Joint Committee on Environment and Development in the Arab Countries (JCEDAR)

Cairo, 18-20 October 2011

Discuss outcomes of the Arab Regional Preparatory Conference for Rio+20 and reporting to CAMRE the Arab Declaration for Rio+20.

Annual Conference on Green Economy in a Changing Arab World

Beirut, 27-28 October 2011

During the conference, the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) will launch the Arab Green Economy report. Among the side events, ESCWA in partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO) will organize a round table on Green Jobs. The conference is Led by AFED

16th Meeting of the Regional Coordination Mechanism (RCM) for Arab States

Beirut, 25-26 November 2011

       Discuss UN-LAS cooperation for Rio+20 and post Rio

Briefing of the Arab Group

New York,

13 December 2011

       Brief the Arab Group on the outcomes of the Arab regional preparatory process for Rio+20

Global: 2nd Inter-Sessional Meeting

New York,

15-16 December 2011

       Discuss outcomes of 1st Inter-Sessional Meeting and the zero draft outcome document

The 23rd Session of the Council of

Arab Ministers Responsible for Environment (CAMRE)

Cairo, 21-22 December 2011

Endorse the Arab Declaration for Rio+20

Global: 3rd Inter-Sessional Meeting

New York, 26-27 March 2012

       Discuss outcomes of 1st and 2nd Inter-Sessional Meetings and Rio+20 final agenda

ESCWA 27th Ministerial Session

7-10 May 2012

       ESCWA Resolution on Sustainable Development in the Arab Region

Global: 3rd Preparatory Committee (PrepCom III)

13-15 June 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

       Discuss draft outcome document of Rio+20

Global: United Nations Conference on Sustainable development (UNCSD- Rio+20)

20-22 June 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

       Outcome document


Activity title

Venue and Date


National Syria: Transition into Green Economy

Damascus, 23-25 March 2011

Discuss Green Economy and Environmental Goods and Services from Syrian perspective, including working groups discussions

National Jordan: Workshop on the Role of Productivity Improvement in Enhancing Competitiveness of Manufacturing Firms in Jordan

Amman, 6-9 June 2011

Two days are devoted to discuss industrial energy generation and consumption efficiency, role of private sector in a green economy, environmental goods and services and eco-labeling

National Lebanon: Green Business Opportunities Conference

Beirut, 14-15 June 2011

Discuss green business opportunities in Lebanon

Green Jobs Kick-Off Workshop in the Arab States: Lebanon Case Study


Beirut, 28-29 July 2011

led by the Regional Office for Arab State of the International Labor organization (ILO). It will present and validate assessments on Green Jobs potentials in different sectors, including the energy sector, waste management, agriculture and construction

National Saudi Arabia: National Approach to Sustainable Development

Riyadh, 21-22 November 2011

This national meeting would cover issues related to green economy, Rio+20 progress in addition to approaches to National Coordination on Sustainable Development. It will be organized in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Planning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Publication title



Reference paper on Green Economy in the Arab Region

April 2011

LAS resolution # 341 of CAMRE’s 22nd session, this paper lays the ground for discussions of an Arab Green Economy initiative

ESCWA Portal and Newsletter on Rio+20

May 2011-May 2012

Monthly newsletter, 12 issues until Rio+20

Review of Productivity and Sustainable Development in the ESCWA Region, First Issue: Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication: Principles, Opportunities and Challenges in the Arab Region

September 2011

Report will provide a review of the current regional status and identify green economy opportunities for the Arab region

Regional Review of Institutions for Sustainable Development in the Arab Region

October 2011

Assess developments since the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002)

The Arab Regional Preparatory Meeting report

1 November 2011

This outcome report will be submitted for Rio+20 secretariat for inclusion in compilation documents for Rio+20


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