Workshop on Requirements for the establishment of Single Windows for handling export/import procedures and formalities in the ESCWA Region

3 to 4 March, 2011 , Beirut

 A. Event Details
Registration Form
Hotel List
Information Note
Information Note (Ar)
Agenda (AR)
 B. Background Documents
APEC Customs Procedures
Guidelines for SW Rec 33
Handbook Paperless Trade
Legal Framework for SW Rec35
SW implications for Customs Adminstrations
Technical Guide of ASEAN SW
WCO model SW Data Harmonisation
Single Window Questionnaire Saudi Arabia
 C. Country Papers
Jordan (Ar)
Kuwait (Ar)
Palestine (Ar)
Saudi Arabia
Sudan (Ar)
 D. Day 1
Session 1
Overview of Results on SW Questionnaire
Recommendations and standards
WTO TF and Single Window text
Trade documentations and data harmonization
Session 2
Objectives and Tasks Involved in establishing a Single Window
SW implementation in ESCWA region- Oman Experience
The role of key participants in SW, particularly in governance
Session 3
Points of concern for ESCWA member countries
 E. Day 2
Session 4
Key factors for establishing SW
Conditions for the development of a single window structure: an ASYCUDA perspective
Institutional coordination and Single Window Implementation Framework (SWIF)
Single Window and legal issues
Session 5
Status of e.government in ESCWA region
Role of Business Processes and the Role of Technology

The use of information and communication technologies plays an important and essential role in facilitating trade. Electronic exchanging of documents and trade data of the companies and governments will help to reduce the cost and time, reduce the error rate, raise the level of coordination in borders control, and strengthen risk management standards, in addition to improving the quality of statistics on international trade.

In this context, Single Window system emerges as one of the effective means to simplify procedures relating to international trade through an integrated electronic system in accordance with international standards and recommendations. Single Window environment simplifies procedures, assists in verifying data and information between all parties working in the field of international trade and helps to expedite the customs clearance process.

Applications of Single Window systems confirmed its effectiveness in promoting and raising the efficiency of trade facilitation in many countries. There is a clear interest in a number of ESCWA member countries in the application of the Single Window system that has been verified by initiatives of some countries to facilitate and simplify the procedures for import, export and raise the efficiency of customs clearance of goods through a single window or one point.

In order to strengthen its regional role in building national capacities in economic and social fields, ESCWA, in cooperation with other international organizations working in this area, is organizing a regional workshop on the requirements for establishing a Single Window for handling exports and imports procedures and formalities in the ESCWA region.


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