Training Workshop on Environment Statistics and Water Accounts Central Statistical Organization

21 to 24 June, 2010 , Sanaa

 1. Event Details
Final Agenda (Ar)
Workshop Final Report June 2010 Yemen
 2. Background Documents
Glossary of Environment Statistics Terms (Ar)
Guide to Environment Statistics Water Statistics (Ar)
ISIC4 Arabic Palestine Edition
 3. Day 1
Air Emissions UNSD Questionnaire 2004 (Ar)
Air Pollution and Climate Change Statistics (Ar)
Biodiversity and Policy Indicators 2005
Biodiversity Statistics (Ar)
Env and Sustainable Development Indicators of Priority
Environment Statistics and Data Sources
Land Use Statistics (Ar)
Land Use UNSD Questionnaire 2004 (Ar)
UNSD Questionnaire 2010 Waste
UNSD Questionnaire 2010 Waste
UNSD Questionnaire Definitions Waste
 4. Day 2
Asset Accounts Exercise (Ar)
PSUT Excercises (Ar)
Sudan Presentation Environment Statistics
UNSD Questionnaire 2010 Water
UNSD Questionnaire Definitions Water (Ar)
UNSD Questionnaire Definitions Water
Water Accounts
Yemen Presentation Air Polluton
Yemen Presentation MOEW
 5. Day 3
ESIS Database Management
ESIS Environment and Water Section ESCWA
ESIS Introduction
 6. Day 4
ESIS Reporting System
Proposed Work Plan for Yemen (Ar)
Strategic Plan for Env Statistics

The Central Statistical Organization (CSO) of Yemen hosted a training workshop organized by ESCWA on Environment Statistics and Water Accounts late June in the Capital Sanaa. The training was attended by representatives of the CSO, Ministry of Water and Environment and the Environmental Protection Authority, in addition to participants from the Sudanese national statistical office and Ministry of Water and Environment. The training came as part of the Development Account Project “Strengthening National Capacities in Environment Statistics, Indicators and Accounts in support of progress toward achieving the internationally agreed development goals in the ESCWA and ECLAC Regions.”

ESCWA provided Yemen with three laptops equipped with the Regional Commission’s own Statistical Information System (ESIS), a database that allows compilation and reporting of environment and water statistics, as well as customized social and economic indicators. During the training, presentations were made on the methodologies to fill the Questionnaire of the UN Statistics Department (UNSD)/UN Environment Program (UNEP) on Environment Statistics for Water and Waste in its Arabic version for 2010, and identified all relevant data-gathering agencies in Yemen and Sudan. Yemen presented its overview of the status of completion of the questionnaires. For its part, ESCWA presented tables on the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water (SEEAW), explaining the relationship between the questionnaire and tables. Afterwards, the supply and use tables of the SEEAW for Yemen were completed with the help of participants.

The training concluded with a discussion aimed at setting a work plan for Yemen to reinforce the status of environment statistics and data gathering and dissemination, as well as some recommendations for Yemen. Participants from Sudan requested to prepare a similar training in their country as early as possible to strengthen their abilities in environment statistics and accounts.


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