Expert Group Meeting Towards Assessing the Vulnerability of Water Resources to Climate Change in the Arab Region

26 to 28 October, 2009 , Beirut

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List of Documents
Technical report
 B. Background Documents
The Arab Ministerial Declaration on Climate Change
Review of Methodologies & Possible Scenarios for Conducting Vulnerability Assessments to Climate Change
 Session 1
 Session 2
Compendium on Methods
Framework Methodology
 Session 3
Adaptation Network for West Asia
 Session 4
Review of Climate Models
Review of Methodologies & Possible Scenarios
Review of Methodologies & Possible Scenarios - Paper
 Session 5
Assessing Climate Impacts Using Dynamical Downscaling
PRECIS Climate Projections for Lebanon
Regional Climate Models
 Session 6
Socio Economic Indicators
Climate Data Availability in Arab Region
Climate Data Availability in Arab Region - Report
Indicators & Data Availability & Reliability

The meeting is expected to bring together member states as well as regional and international experts and organizations concerned with implications that climate change is expected to have on water resources and vulnerability. To that effect, the meeting will review the state of knowledge in this area and foster in a set of interactive discussions at the plenary and working group levels to achieve the following objectives:

  • Stocktaking and exchange of lessons learned on the assessment of vulnerability of water resources to climate change from other regions.

  • Review of existing models and methodologies and investigate knowledge gaps and data availability.

  • Building consensus on the scope, methodological approach and associated parameters for the vulnerability assessment.

  • Developing a work plan, which will identify the tasks and responsibilities to be carried out by the involved agencies based on agreed upon timelines and targets.


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