Workshop on E-Commerce Statistics and External Trade Indicators

30 March to 1 April, 2009 , Dubai

 * Final Report
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 A. Event Details
Information note
Information note (Ar)
Agenda (Ar)
List of participants
List of participants (Ar)
Consultant report e-commerce firstdraf
Recommendation of June 2008 meeting (Ar)
 B. Background Documents
Core indicators revision
ESCWA IS profile
Information society statistical view
Partnership report
Partnership report (Ar)
UNCTAD manual
Cross border e-commerce trade statistics
Defining e-commerce
E-commerce explanation and sources
E-commerce Saudi Arabia
Measuring e-commerce
UK e_commerce
 C. Country Papers
Twining External Trade - Egypt
Twining External Trade - Egypt (Ar)
Exports/Imports for 2008 according to countries - Egypt
Exports/Imports for 2007 and 2008 according to chapters - Egypt
E-commerce in Bahrain (Ar)
E-commerce in Palestine (Ar)
E-commerce in the Sudan (Ar)
Dubai World (Ar)
 D. Presentations
ESCWA presentation revision 3 (Ar)
IT indicators revision 2
Dubai OECD trade indicators
Workshop on measuring e-commerce as part of IMTS
UNCTAD presentation

‎In the context of ESCWA Project “Strengthening the Development of International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS) and the compilation of E-Commerce in Member Countries of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)”, ESCWA is organizing, the fourth Workshop that is planned within the project’s activities, and will be held during the period from 30/3/2009 to 1/4/2009 (Dubai, UAE).

A. Objectives

1- To discuss the importance of E-Commerce related to international merchandize trade statistics.
2- To present and discuss the study prepared on this subject
3- To discuss the production and the dissemination of international merchandize trade indicators
4- To discuss national experiences and to exchange expertise between the ESCWA member  countries in this area.

B. Participants

1- Experts from National Statistical Offices, Customs Authorities, Central Banks and ministries of trade in the ESCWA Region
2- Expert from UNCTAD
3- Expert from OECD

C. Documents

1- Papers prepared by ESCWA Secretariat.
2- Papers prepared by UNCTAD.
3- Papers prepared by OECD.
4- Study prepared by the consultant.

D. Language

‎The language of the workshop will be in Arabic and English.‎‎ Simultaneous interpretation to both languages will be made available.

E- Venue and time of the workshop

The workshop will be held during the period 30/30/2009 1/4/2009, Dubai Custom Building- UAE.

F. Administrative arrangements

ESCWA will cover the participation of one participant from the national statistical offices (NSO), Participants are required to send a copy of their passports to this following e-mail address:  Other participants are expected to attend on their expenses.

G. For further information, contact:

Ms. Fathia AbdelFadil
Team Leader 
Statistics Division
Fax : + 961 1 981 510‎

Ms. Zeina Sinno
Statistics Assistant
Statistics Division
Fax : + 961 1 981 510

Ms. Nadine Baltagi Noureddin
Statistics Division
Fax : + 961 1 981 510


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