Fifth Meeting of the Taskforce on Population and Housing Censuses

23 to 24 March, 2009 , Beirut

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Organization of Work
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 B. Documents
Handbook in Arabic - Section 1
Handbook in Arabic - Section 2
Handbook in Arabic - Section 3
Handbook in English
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CES 2010 - Census Recommendations
4th Task Force Final Report
Census Region - Recommendations
Gender Statistics and Population Census
Recomendations (Ar)
 C. Country Reports
Jordan (Ar)
Egypt (Ar)
Palestine 1 (Ar)
Palestine 2 (Ar)

The Economic and Social Commission of Western Asia (ESCWA) is organizing the fifth meeting of the Task Force on Population and Housing Censuses and will be held during the period from 23 to 24 March 2009, Beirut – Lebanon.


The main objectives of the meeting are:

-          to review and insert comments for editing on the Arabic translation of the Population & Principles of Population and Housing Censuses- revision 2;

-          to present and discuss Media in Census;

-          to discuss planning a census in a governorate;

-          to discuss issues of metadata reporting in census;

-          to discuss and share good practices with other countries/ regions in this area of statistics.


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