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International Comparison Program - Western Asia

Operational Material
HHC Price Data

Price Collection Manual

Western Asia Regional Products List

Product Catalogue for the Global Core List

HHC Additional Guidance | Arabic

Machinery & Equipment

Validation of Machinery and Equipment goods data

M&E Catalogue | Arabic

Data Collection Form | Arabic

Arabic Manual for Machinery and Equipment

English Manual Machinery and Equipment

M&E Operational Material | Arabic

Housing Rentals

General Instructions

Dwelling Services in ICP 2011 | Arabic

User Cost Method to Calculate Rents for Owner Occupied Housing | Arabic

ICP Dwelling Services Questionnaire Volume of Housing in 2011 | Arabic

Rental Specifications | Arabic

Dwelling Services Additional Guidance | Arabic


A New Approach to Construction (Arabic)

ICP Construction Price Survey Form | Arabic

Additional Construction Guidance

Operational Guide Construction

Construction Materials Catalogue | Arabic


Government Occupations, DCF & Indicators | Arabic

Information required on Government for the ICP 2011 | Arabic

Questionnaire on Government Expenditure | Arabic

Additional Guidance_Compensation of Government Employees | Arabic

Private Education

Private Education - Survey Questionnaire | Arabic

Private Education Guidelines | Arabic

Private Health

Private Health - Operational Guide | Arabic

Fast-evolving Technology Items

Fast Evolving Technology Products | Arabic

Water Tariff

Water Supply - Operational Guide

Collection Form of Water Tariff | Arabic

National Accounts

GDP Exhaustiveness Questionnaire (Arabic)

Model Report on Expenditure Statistics (MORES)

National Accounts Quality Assurance Questionnaire | The ICP and National Accounts Practices | GDP

Splitting - Completed MORES

National Accounts Framework in ICP

Information on the ICP Classification

Exhaustiveness Questionnaire - Very Simplified Version | Arabic

ICP Software Kit

ICP Software Kit for HHC price data

   ICP Software Kit for Machinery & Equipment

M&E ICP Kit User Manual

ICP Kit Machinery & Equipment Goods

   ICP Software Kit for Compensation of Government

Compensation of Government ICP Kit User Manual

ICP Kit Compensation of Government




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