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International Comparison Program - Western Asia

2011 ICP Round in Western Asia

Second Workshop for the 2011 Round of the International Comparison Program in Western Asia Region
4-7 October, 2010
Amman, Jordan

Objective of the Workshop:

ESCWA held in cooperation with the Arab Institute for Training and Research in Statistics (AITRS) the 2nd ICP workshop for the 2011 round in Western Asia Region in Amman, Jordan for the period 4-7/10/2010.

The objective of the meeting was to bring together all member countries with ESCWA and the World Bank in order to discuss important topics in areas such as National Accounts, housing and government occupations and to work on developing the regional product list and have a look at the ICP collection and validation software.

The participants in the workshop were representing 11 Arab countries, the World Bank, AITRS and ESCWA.


  1. Twenty seven representatives from eleven ESCWA member States including ICP National Coordinators and One participant from the AITRS;

  2. Two representatives from the World Bank;

  3. Dr. Jurai Riecan, Director of Statistics Division, ESCWA;

  4. Mr. Giovanni Savio, Chief of Economic Statistics Section, ESCWA;

  5. Mr. Majed Skaini, Economic Statistician, ESCWA;

  6. Two Assistants; one from ESCWA and one from AITRS.



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