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International Comparison Program - Western Asia

2011 ICP Round in Western Asia

Meeting for the ICP National Accounts Activities,
April 29 - May 3, 2013,
Istanbul - Turkey

Workshop Objectives

The Workshop focused on four main objectives:

  • The validation of MORES 2011 Expenditures values on the Intra-Country level;

  • The GDP revisions between 2005 and 2011 expenditures data;

  • The validation of special surveys data: Government Compensation, Government Expenditures, Water Tariff and Housing;

  • The improvement of input data quality and reliability in order to meet the international comparability standards and to generate enhanced preliminary PPPs.


The 2nd ICP NA Regional Workshop was hosted by ESCWA at the Central Palace Hotel - Istanbul, where a total of 17 participants attended.

The meeting hosted twelve representatives from all twelve participating countries including NA experts. It featured also the ICP global Manager, Mr. Michel Mouyelo-Katoula and ESCWA's regional advisor, Mr. Omar Hakouz.




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