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International Comparison Program - Western Asia

2011 ICP Round in Western Asia

ESCWA Training Workshop on ICP National Accounts Activities
17-18, July, 2012,
Amman, Jordan

Objective of the Workshop:

  • The Workshop focused on six main objectives:

    - Status Reports on NA activities: Global, Regional and Country;
    - The presentation of MORES process, approaches for estimating expenditures and impact of expenditures on results;
    - Hands on training of MORES by each participant;
    - The validation of expenditure values;
    - The discussion and evaluation of Exhaustiveness and Quality Assurance questionnaires;
    - Submission deadlines.


The training Workshop was hosted by ESCWA at the Kempinski Hotel - Amman, where a total of 12 participants attended.

The meeting hosted the ICP Global Manager and nine NA experts, representing all nine participating countries. Egypt and Sudans’ representatives did not attend the meeting since they had the opportunity to have the same training during Africa’s fourth ICP Regional Workshop. However, the nonattendance of the twelfth country’s (Bahrain) representative was noted due to organizational issues hindering their expected active participation.

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