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International Comparison Program - Western Asia

2011 ICP Round in Western Asia

Fourth Workshop for the 2011 Round of The International Comparison Program in Western Asia Region
17-21, October, 2011,
UN-House, Beirut

Objective of the Workshop:

The Workshop focused on four main objectives:

  • The initial data validation for Household Consumption data;

  • The Presentation, discussion and launching of the ICP Special Surveys;

  • The launching of the National Accounts activities;

  • The establishment of the work plan and timetable for the upcoming period.


The fourth ICP Workshop was hosted by ESCWA, and was attended by a total of 41 participants.

The meeting hosted thirty five representatives from all twelve participating countries; varying between price experts, national accounts expert, and national coordinators.

The Workshop featured representatives from the World Bank, as well as one national accounts consultant.

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