Countries participating in the Development of National Gender Statistics Programmes in the Arab Countries (GSP) highlighted problems in their respective national statistical systems. These problems are categorized under the following headings:

Institutional and technical structures

Absence of policies and strategies to include gender statistics   
Weakness of structures collecting, compiling and disseminating gender statistics, such as civil registration
Poor coordination between central statistical offices and between users and producers of statistics
Lack of databases in most countries
Data classification and research methodologies
Lack of classification of data where it exists
Use of unclassified definitions of indicators on issues such as time allocation, violence, poverty and informal sector work
Lack of standardization in the use of the word gender
Noncompliance with methods of tabulating gender statistics
Absence of statistical research methodology studies in the field of gender
Lack of gender mainstreaming in entire statistical process
Data presentation and dissemination
Poor reflection of gender gaps in statistical reports and publications
Absence of awareness-building campaigns to publicize gender statistics and make them available to wide range of users
Human and financial resources
Limited human and financial resources
Limited awareness and familiarity with gender concepts and relevance among users and producers
Lack of funds for embarking on new gender tabulation process