The following terms have been largely selected from the glossary of the Gender Statistics Website of the United Nations Economic Commission (UNECE). See UNECE gender statistics glossary.


Unemployed population
Comprises all persons above a specific age who during the reference period were:
  (a) Without work i.e. were not in paid employment or self employment; and
(b) Currently available for work i.e. were available for paid employment or self-employment during the reference period; and
  (c) Seeking work i.e. had taken specific steps in a specified reference period to seek paid employment or self-employment.
Unemployment rate
This rate is calculated by relating the number of persons who are unemployed during the reference period to the labour force on the same date. Where available data are taken from labour force surveys.

Unpaid work
Covers all work other than paid work that is done in the household or community, all care activities, including personal care, studies, socializing and leisure time.