Work on the Development of National Gender Statistics Programmes in the Arab Countries (GSP) has commenced since 1997, in a preparatory phase followed by three phases with national and regional implementation.

See also national implementation of GSP and regional implementation of GSP.

Preparatory Phase

Preparation of a pamphlet on the subject in Arabic, English and French.

Pre-workshop training introduces the project and acquaints participants with gender statistics and research analysis methods.


National work
National steering committees and working groups established.  See
institutional setup for composition of committees and working groups.

National committees and working groups develop materials to be used in building awareness on gender statistics.

Regional work
ESCWA prepares training material in Arabic for incorporating gender statistics in policy formulation.

First Regional Workshop on Gender Statistics in the Arab countries
, (Tunis 9-14 June 1997) establishes preliminary framework for developing the Programme and provides training in the selection of critical gender indicators.

Phase 2



National work
First National Workshop for users and producers of gender statistics (held in each participant country) evaluates existing gender statistics and identifies priority gender issues.
Preparation and presentation of national reports containing strategies for improving gender statistics and national action plans.

Second National Workshop for users and producers of gender statistics (held in each participant country) plans and finalizes the national statistical publication on women and men.

Regional work
Second Regional Workshop on Gender Statistics in the Arab countries
(Jordan 8-11 November 1999) assesses data availability and existing gaps.  National reports are presented, including strategies for improving gender statistics and developing national gender statistics systems.

Phase 3

National work
National statistical publications on women and men, originally produced in Arabic, are translated into English while Arabic version is circulated nationally.

Experience/problems encountered during the production of the publication are documented. 

National Publications: Problems and Recommendations.

Regional work
Third Regional Workshop on Gender Statistics in the Arab countries, (Tunis, 5-7 July 2001) identifies and discusses priority gender issues and related statistics/indicators, reviews new measurement methods (time-use survey) and agrees on content for GSP website.

Publication on "Women and Men in the Arab Region: A Statistical Portrait" is produced.

Plan of action is prepared for the replication of the project in non-participating countries.

Project proposals for Qatar, Bahrain, and Morocco are prepared and presented to different funding agencies.

Regional gender statistics database is developed at ESCWA containing data compiled by participating countries.

External evaluation and final project report are to be conducted.

Fourth Regional Workshop on Gender Statistics (Beirut, June 17-19 2003) assesses progress made toward enhancing national statistical capacities to produce and disseminate gender statistics in the Arab countries. The Workshop also focuses on the use of gender statistics as tools in policy formulation and analysis.

List of future directions and recommendations is drafted.

New priority issues are identified.





















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