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ESCWA Activities
  1. Regional training session in ESCWA for national statistical offices and other concerned departments to strengthen their capacity a) in the production of environment statistics and accounts, indicators of relevance to national and Internationally agreed development goals; b) in adopting international definitions and standards, in using information and communication technologies for data storage and dissemination, and c) in improving user-producer relationships. Workshop will provide a forum for a dialogue among the countries of the region and for exchange of country experiences. ECLAC will participate to present lessons learned.

  2. Subregional workshops on environmental statistics, indicators and accounts for ESCWA to strengthen capacities and subregional networking

  3. Technical assistance missions in ESCWA at the national level, according to national needs and capacities, incorporating horizontal technical cooperation activities amongst ESCWA-ECLAC countries (South-South cooperation)

  4. Expert group meeting in collaboration with UNSD, ECLAC, and other concerned agencies on environment and water statistics and accounts to set guidelines and provide recommendations on methodological documents on integrated environmental statistical systems (basic statistics, indicators and integrated accounting), taking into account the manuals produced by UNSD.

  5. Methodological documents on integrated environmental statistical systems (basic statistics, indicators and integrated accounting) for ESCWA (in Arabic)

  6. 8 study tours: 6 practitioners within ESCWA from selected countries to learn best practices from leading countries or agencies and 2 tours between ESCWA and ECLAC

  7. Network in ESCWA, using lessons learned form ECLAC model, to promote information sharing and exchange of experiences among environment statistics experts, to encourage the implementation of international definitions, methodologies and standards; access to information on websites and exchange of statistical reports.

  8. Produce, distribute and update a database, docubase, and expertbase on environment information for ESCWA.

  9. Organize one inter - regional Seminar/Workshop on Environmental Statistics, Indicators and Accounting