Workshop on Disability Statistics in the ESCWA Region

Beirut, 21-23 March 2005

Guidelines for Preparing a National Report on the Status of Disability Statistics

Participants from the national statistical offices in the ESCWA member States are asked to prepare a report on the situation of disability statistics in their respective country.
The report should cover the following points:

1- background information on the situation of the statistics of the disabled in the country (% in the population, distribution by age, sex, marital status, education, occupation, economic activity, if available…)
2- prior experience in collecting data on disability, if any
3- definition of disability used in the data collection
4- questions used to identify the population with disability (indicators used to measure the disability)
5- information on the sources of data (population census, family surveys, administrative records, medical records, …)
6- problems faced in data collection
7- frequency of collecting data on disability
8- policies related to disability in order to mainstream the disabled persons in the society (mainly in the area of education, occupation, public life, …)
9- parties conducting the data collection on disability (mention the ministries, the administrations, …)

- The report should be written in Arabic, using Microsoft Word with maximum 10 pages in length. It should also be accompanied with a one-page summary.

- The report should be submitted not later than 15 February 2005, preferably in electronic form to Ms. Zeina Sinno at or by fax +961-1-981 510 in order to allow the proper time for its reproduction and later distribution during the workshop.

NB: Participants should bring with them published statistical reports on disability as well as the questionnaires used for collecting data on disability.

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