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International Comparison Program - Western Asia


2005 International Comparison Program: Major findings in Western Asia Region

ICP Manual to Price Collectors

What National Coordinators Need To Know

ICP Handbook | Arabic
A revised version is under preparation to reflect the improvements introduced to methodologies of the Program and its sustainability.

A Short Appraisal of the Experience of the ESCWA Region in Implementing the International Comparison Program (ICP) Round in 1996

Purchasing Power Parities; Volume and Price Level Comparisons for the Middle East, 1993: Results of the International Comparison Program (ICP) for the ESCWA Region

مقارنة مماثلات القوة الشرائية ومستوى الأسعار والأحجام للاجماليات الاقتصادية في دول منطقة الاسكوا لعام 1995

A Presentation of the International Comparison Program

تقديم لبرنامج المقارنات الدولية


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