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International Comparison Program - Western Asia


ICP-ESCWA regional meetings and workshops:

First Meeting of the ICP-Western Asia Executive Board: 9-10 October 2003, Beirut, Lebanon


The ICP-Western Asia Executive Board met in Beirut during the period 9-10 October 2003. The Chairperson, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mansoori, and four members namely Mr. Ali Berro, Mr. Saber Al-Harbi, Mr. Sami Eskandar, and Mr. Mohamed Al-Badrawy, attended the meeting.

The agenda of the first day focused on determining the roles, responsibilities and work modalities of the Executive Board, as well as its membership and the periodicity of its meetings.

During the second day, the members of the Board reviewed the work progress of the ICP in the region, and discussed the proposed budget, timeline, and fund-raising strategy.

The Board approved all the activities of the work programme, which will take place until the next meeting in January/February 2004.



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