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International Comparison Program - Western Asia


ICP-ESCWA regional meetings and workshops:

4th Workshop on International Comparison Program For Western ‎Asia (ICP-Western Asia)
May 23-27, 2005, Beirut-Lebanon


The Fourth Workshop on the International Comparison Program for Western Asia was held at the UN House in Beirut during the period 23-27 May 2005.
Thirty-two officials from 11 ESCWA member countries, including ICP National Coordinators, Price Statisticians and National Accountants, participated in the workshop. In addition, the World Bank ICP Deputy Global manager, a World Bank Consultant and all the ICP team at ESCWA participated and contributed several inputs to the workshop.

Various papers covering a range of topics were presented during the workshop. Presented papers and discussions have covered the global status of the program; comparability analysis of responses to the product lists of three consumption groups; reviewing the structure of the Construction, Equipment and Government groups. Also, the presentation and discussions of technical papers were extended to cover the methodologies applied in building Quaranta tables for different types of averages, different methods of computing Purchasing Power Parities (PPP), the methodology and work plan of the Ring Comparison Program, and the construction of ICP expenditure weights.

The results of the price survey in the first quarter of 2005 were obtained from 4 countries and discussed in a special session. The discussion opened the floor to many questions related to the methodologies used in choosing the sample, the limited frequency of price collection, practical differences in the definitions and probably the specifications of products among member countries and the problems encountered at the levels of data verification using the Tool Pack. Many recommendations and advices were given to obtain the optimal results from the price surveys. These advices and recommendations include the revision of the survey framework, the proper coverage of the sample, understanding the features of the Tool Pack, training the data collectors, etc.

The participants received a detailed training on the usage of the Tool Pack software for data validation and verification. They were also trained on the new Tool Pack Module for Data Processing (DPM). This module will help transferring data and survey results to the ICP Regional Office.
A special session was dedicated for the most frequent Q&A on the Tool Pack. Participants reported their queries and problems to the ICP World Bank and the Regional Office consultants. Some problems were dealt with during the session, while others were left for further analysis by the consultants and to be returned to them by e-mail and to be posted on the ICP home page as well.


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