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International Comparison Program - Western Asia


ICP-ESCWA regional meetings and workshops:

Third Meeting of the ICP-Western Asia Executive Board: 1July 2004, Cairo, Egypt


The Third Executive Board Meeting for the ICP program in Western Asia was held on the first of July 2004. Participants in the meeting discussed several issues, among them: Following up the implementation of the recommendations of the second meeting of the board; reviewing the work progress since the second board meeting; reviewing the budget; discussing and deciding on the remarks emanating from the second meeting of National Coordinators; evaluating the Second Workshop; and writing down and endorsing a detailed work plan for the upcoming stage before beginning the price survey. Several recommendations were made, including the importance of a commitment by states to form national ICP teams with permanent members at countries, enhancing the regional ICP team by increasing the number of its team members given the immense work load in the coming stage, bring Iraq and Palestine into the program, and the participation of countries in funding the program.



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