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International Comparison Program - Western Asia


ICP-ESCWA regional meetings and workshops:

5th Regional Workshop on the International Comparison Program in Western Asia
December 17-20, 2005, Beirut - Lebanon


The Fifth Workshop on the International Comparison Program for Western Asia was held at the Meridien Commodore Hotel in Beirut during the period 17-20 December 2005.

Twenty-four representatives from eleven ESCWA member States, including eight National Coordinators participated in the workshop. In addition, the World Bank ICP Deputy Global manager, a World Bank Consultant and the ICP team at ESCWA participated and contributed to the workshop. The objective of the Workshop was to bring together the ICP national teams with the ICP regional office and the World Bank to discuss price collection of the second quarter and steps that need to be taken to ensure the soundness of the remaining quarterly data. In addition, the meeting was set out to achieve the following goals:

1. discuss the time table for the remaining ICP round and the future of ICP;
2. discuss the overall regional achievements of the program-plan since the last meeting at the fourth workshop in May 2005;
3. assess the progress of each country regarding price collection;
4. discuss with the participants the importance of data editing and validation and PPP’s;
5. review all second quarter data submitted by countries and discuss joint solutions for problematic products and common problems faced by member countries

The meeting achieved its objective of reviewing all second quarter data and identifying common sources of errors and methods of dealing with them. Countries were provided with enough feedback to be able to correct data for the third and fourth quarters. With hard work from the Global, Regional and Country offices the data and could be corrected on time and the Western Asia region would be able to abide by the global timeline.


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