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International Comparison Program - Western Asia


ICP-ESCWA regional meetings and workshops:

1st Regional Workshop on the International Comparison Program in Western Asia:
15-19 December 2003, Beirut, Lebanon


The First Workshop on the International Comparison Program for Western Asia was held at the UN House in Beirut during the period 15-19 December 2003. Mr. Fadhil Mahdi, Chief of Economic Analysis Division, addressed the participants in a welcoming note. He stressed on the importance of the ICP as an aid to better international economic understanding and encouraged the necessity of full national participation and support from participating countries to ensure the program’s success.

Eighteen representatives from ten ESCWA member States, in addition to representative from the League of Arab States, experts and consultants from the World Bank and ESCWA lectured and discussed their papers during the workshop.

During five sessions, twelve papers/presentations were presented covering various topics, which included an overview of the global program; work progress on the global as well as the regional fronts; the provision of a thorough understanding of the new issues on pricing and conducting surveys; training the participants on the use of the ICP-SPD Software in all stages of office and field work; the governance arrangement, implementation plan and timetable; and the enhancing of the representatives’ basic skills, roles and responsibilities required in finalizing the process of the selection of product specifications from the regional Structured Products Description (SPDs).

Sessions were characterized by important interventions and discussions from the participants. Impressive demonstrations of the ICP software and the CPI/ICP ToolPack and round table discussions were finalized successfully.


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