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International Comparison Program - Western Asia


ICP-ESCWA regional meetings and workshops:

3rd Regional Workshop on the International Comparison Program in Western Asia
October 11-15, 2004, Beirut - Lebanon


The Third Workshop on the International Comparison Program for ‎Western Asia was held at the Marriott Hotel during the period 11-15 ‎October 2004. At the meantime, training on the ICP Tool Pack took ‎place in the UN House in Beirut. ‎

Twenty-five officials, including ICP National Coordinators and Price ‎Statisticians, from 11 member countries participated in the workshop. ‎Also, the World Bank ICP Deputy Global Manager, two international ‎consultants and all the ICP team at ESCWA have participated and ‎contributed several papers to the workshop.

‎ The workshop papers and discussions were focusing on the upcoming ‎price survey in January 2005, including issues on pricing procedures & ‎product selection, outlet choices, preparation of expenditure weights, ‎the role of the survey supervisors, training the data collectors, and the ‎coordination and monitoring role of the Global Office. The workshop ‎concluded how the regional coordinator and the national coordinators ‎would set up and conduct price surveys in member countries. ‎

The workshop also included a round table discussion on the countries’ ‎readiness for conducting price surveys. Countries shared their ‎experiences with the international experts, discussed the survey ‎framework, and raised various issues facing the planning and execution ‎of price collection. Potential challenges to carry out proper work were ‎thoroughly discussed.‎

During the last two days of the workshop, the ICP regional Office ‎provided most of the participants with detailed training on the ‎installation and usage of the ICP Tool Pack software. Giving the ‎participants some practical exercises that familiarized them with the ‎software finished the training session . These exercises were highly ‎interactive and instructive. ‎

Parallel to the Tool Pack training, Mr. Mohamed Al-Badrawy, ICP ‎Regional Coordinator for Western Asia, organized the Third Meeting ‎for National Coordinators. Mr. Abdelrahman Al-Mansouri, Chairman ‎of the ICP Executive Board, chaired the meeting. Also, Mr. Yonas Biru, ‎Deputy Global Manager of the ICP Global Office at the World Bank ‎and a specialized consultant participated in this meeting. The ‎discussions involved many technical issues, then focused on ‎administrative matters.‎


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