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International Comparison Program - Western Asia

Work Modalities
  • The work modalities of the ICP stem from some basic principles of governance. Those principles hinge on accountability, transparency, democratic management and scientific integrity.

  • Top management is accountable to stakeholders at the base. ICP targets and plans are discussed and endorsed first by stakeholders at the bottom, i.e. the national statistical offices of the participating countries.

  • At each level (regional and global), coordination teams work in complete harmony and transparency, through continuous discussions and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

  • Workshops and seminars are the means to disseminate knowledge, to monitor progress, and to discuss and endorse results.

  • Progress reports are disseminated from the regional office to the global office.

  • The global office reports regularly to the Global Executive Board in a two-way traffic to exchange ideas and directives. The ICP Council maintains similar relationship with the Global Executive Board.

  • Rules and criteria for work are set at each level of work.

  • Jobs are well specified at each level and for each activity.


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Work Modalities


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