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International Comparison Program - Western Asia

Strategic Goals and Objectives
The overall strategy of the ICP is to enhance global, regional and ultimately country development. Realistic comparison amongst the various economies of the world at the country and regional level can be achieved by providing better tools of measurements.

Such comparisons can provide solid and objective basis for laying down country and regional policies on trade, investment, employment, and financial and monetary options, so as to optimise absolute and comparative advantages of the diverse interacting economies of the world.

ICP objectives are many-sided:
  • Measure the GDPs, incomes and expenditures of the countries, under comparison, at PPP real terms.

  • Calculate indices of volumes, prices, value of output, real income, real expenditure, productivities and investment.

  • Derive indicators that will serve the Millennium Development Goals, i.e. to reduce poverty.

  • Derive other indices for well being or standard of living, human development, and other social indicators.

The overall objective of the 2004 Round is to re-establish the confidence in the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) data, the main output of ICP, by addressing the current shortcomings and producing high quality and comparable data.

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Strategic Goals and Objectives
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