Strengthening the Development of International Merchandise Trade Statistics
Implemented Activities
Workshop on Data Quality and External Trade Indices, Cairo - Egypt, 12-15 June 2008

   Arabic | English

1- Background Documents
   a) Series M 59
   b) Series M 69
   c) Series M 76
   d) Series M 82 Volume 2
   e) Series F 86

2- Country Reports
   a) Bahrain Statistic Office Paper
   b) Bahrain Statistic Office Presentation
   c) Egypt
   d) Eygpt Statistic Office Presentation
   e) Jordan Central Bank Paper
   f) Jordan statistics Office
   g) Kuwait Index Central Bank Paper

3- ESCWA Reports
   a) Planned Workshops (Arabic)
   b) Table of Recommendations (Arabic)
   c) Selected Countries' Experiences (Arabic)
   d) Selected Countries' Experiences (English)

4- UNSD Reports
   a) Review of Activities in Trade
   b) Overview of Workshop on External Trade
   c) Data Quality
   d) Unit Value Selection
   e) Calculation of XMPI
   f) Dissemination of Trade Indices
   g) Calculation of PPIand XMPI - ABS
   h) Calculation of Unit Values
   i) Quantity and Weight information in UN Comtrade
   j) Oman Presentation
   k) Oman Statistic Office Presentation

5- Useful Manuals

6- Information Note
    (English - Arabic)

7- Agenda
    (English - Arabic)

8- Organization of Work
    (English - Arabic)

9- List of Participants
    (English - Arabic)

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