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Ms. Neda Jafar, Developer and Administrator
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  Introduction and Background
Introduction and Background

Development of National Statistical Systems

Accurate monitoring, evaluation of outcomes, and result-based policy-making, together with transparency and accountability, are the key elements in any comprehensive strategy aimed at increasing the effectiveness of development to achieve better results, through optimizing the use of resources, and ensuring greatest benefiting to target groups.  Not only does accurate monitoring and assessment of outcomes improve results; it also facilitates the understanding of the development process and the formulation of optimal policy.

ESCWA Statistics Division focuses on strengthening the statistical systems in the member countries to become in harmony with the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and to implement their National Statistical Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) following the recommendations of Marrakech Action Plan in 2004.

This site offers the National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and other users a comprehensive reference to the guidelines and methodology for the preparation of NSDS, legal and institutional framework of NSOs, their profiles, best practices and initiatives to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and practices in all aspects of the development of national statistical systems.

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