First National Workshop on Gender Statistics

Amman, Jordan, 11 – 13 December, 2006


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Introduction to the Development of National Gender Statistics in Iraq Arabic

Training on Gender Issues Arabic

Arab Women and Gender Indicators Arabic

Gender Statistics and Indicators Arabic

How to Present Statistical Data on Women and Men Arabic

Guidelines for Preparing a Report on Women and Men Arabic

Working Group Exercises

Exercise 1: Identification of national gender issues Arabic

Exercise 2: Identification of needed statistics and indicators

Exercise 3: Analysis and presentation of Gender Statistics and Indicators Arabic

Outcome of Workshop

List of gender issues (draft) Arabic

List of needed statistics and indicators (draft) Arabic

Date and Venue

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA), in ‎cooperation with the Central Organization for Statistics and Information ‎Technology (COSIT) in Iraq, is organizing the First National Workshop on ‎Gender Statistics in Amman Jordan during the period 11-13 December 2006 at ‎the Radisson SAS Hotel.‎

Background information

The First National Workshop on Gender Statistics is convened under the ‎umbrella of the project for “the Development of National Gender Statistics in ‎Iraq,” that is being implemented by ESCWA in cooperation with COSIT and ‎through funding from the United Nations Development Group Iraq Trust Fund.

The project targets producers and users of statistics from government bodies, ‎NGOs, research centers and academia from throughout Iraq to raise awareness ‎on the importance of gender statistics in policy formulation and improve national ‎capacities to produce, analyze and use quality gender-sensitive indicators. ‎Project activities to date include the joint ESCWA-UNICEF MENARO regional ‎training on the DevInfo version 5.0 (Cairo,18-22 September) during which two ‎national statisticians were trained on the new features and tools of the “Users” ‎and “Database administration” interfaces and are expected to apply the ‎knowledge and skills in the development of a gender statistics database. ‎Additional information on the Regional DevInfo 5.0 Workshop can be accessed at: ‎DevInfo 5.0 Workshop.‎‎

Objectives of the project

‎The two-day meeting aims to gender-sensitize users and producers of statistics ‎in Iraq to be able to produce and use quality statistics and indicators to monitor ‎progress toward gender equality and women’s empowerment in Iraq by:

‎-‎ Familiarizing stakeholders with gender issues in relevant policy areas;‎
‎-‎ Identifying critical gender issues in relation to priority policy areas;‎
‎-‎ Specifying statistics and indicators needed to assess and monitor the ‎status and conditions of women and men in relation to various policy ‎areas;‎
‎-‎ Selecting effective ways to present and disseminate data.‎ ‎

Training Content

The meeting will consist of four sessions each composed of a plenary part followed by working group ‎exercises. The following topics will be discussed: ‎

Session I: Gender issues, development and policy
Session II: Statistics and indicators on gender issues
Session III: Analysis and presentation of gender statistics
Session IV: Statistical publication on gender issues‎

Training will be provided by the ESCWA Statistics Coordination Unit and Centre for Women.


Establishing a dialogue between users and producers of statistics in essential for ‎the identification of policy-relevant quality statistics and indicators. Therefore, the ‎workshop will include both users and producers of statistics from various national ‎statistical offices, key ministries, academia, NGOs and members of the media.‎

Expected Outputs

It is expected that the working group and floor discussions will result with the ‎following outputs:‎
‎-‎ List of priority gender issues;‎
‎-‎ Corresponding minimum/core set of gender-sensitive indicators;‎

The outputs of the meeting will in turn serve as the basis for planning future ‎activities – namely, the database on gender statistics and the preparation of a ‎number of statistical-based documents (e.g. publication, wall chart, pamphlet) on ‎the status of women and men in Iraq to reflect the priority gender issues and ‎corresponding core set of gender statistics and indicators identified in the ‎meeting.

Working languages

The workshop will be conducted in English and Arabic, with two-way ‎translation.‎


Arrangements have been made with the Radisson SAS Hotel. ‎

All participants are expected to stay at the designated hotel. All other ‎entitlements in accordance with UN rules and regulations will be provided upon ‎arrival to Amman.‎

Al-Hussein Bin Ali Street,‎
‎11118 Amman, Jordan
Telephone: +962 6 5607100‎
Fax: +962 6 5665160‎

For additional information, please visit the hotel’s website at: ‎

Travel Arrangements

Each participant is kindly requested to purchase a round-trip economy class ‎ticket within an established ceiling cost not exceeding USD 622. ‎

ESCWA will reimburse each participant for the cost of the ticket contingent ‎upon submission of the following documents:‎

‎2-‎ Boarding pass;‎
‎3-‎ Copy of the ticket.‎

‎- Each participant is kindly requested to confirm his/her arrival to Amman on ‎‎10 December and departure from Amman on 14 December.

- ESCWA will provide each participant with a daily subsistence allowance for the duration of the workshop only (10-14 December 2006) and in accordance with UN rules and regulations.

Contact persons

For additional information please contact:‎

Mr. Ahmed Hussein
Project Manager
Head, Statistics Coordination Unit
Tel. +961 1 978408‎
Fax: +961 1 981501‎
‎ Email:

Ms. Gheda Temsah
Project assistant
Tel. +961 1 978433‎
Fax: +961 1 981501‎



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