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 In recent years there has been a growing interest in time-use survey techniques. This interest stems not only from the central and strategic importance of time-use statistics for both policy and research purposes, but also from the versatility and the wide range of applications of time-use statistics in numerous areas of policy concern.

 One such application is the promotion of gender equality. Time-use surveys are increasingly being used to acquire insight on how women and men allocate time to different activities, and as a basis for formulating gender sensitive policies in such areas of work, education, childcare, etc. Time use statistics could contribute to research and policy analysis in a number of areas including informal work and child labor.

 One area that has recently received considerable attention in the prospect of measuring and valuing unpaid but productive activities (that is, nonmarket work) with the ultimate goal of including the value of these activities in a satellite account of the National Income and Product Accounts.

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