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Final Meeting of the Project on "Promotion of the Digital Arabic Content Industry through Incubation"

The Final Meeting of the project "Promotion of the Digital Arabic Content Industry through Incubation" was held at the United Nations House in Beirut on 14 and 15 December 2009. The Information and Communication Technology Division (ICTD) of ESCWA organized this meeting as part of the activities it implemented for promoting the Digital Arabic Content (DAC) in the ESCWA region since 2003.

The Final Meeting comes after 2 years of launching the project and aimed at reviewing and assessing the progress made towards the promotion of the DAC industry in the region. The meeting provided a platform for sharing experiences and best practices, discussing the main challenges facing the implementation of DAC projects, and setting the requirements for improving this sector in the region. Participation included ESCWAs partners involved in the implementation of the project as well as representatives from the incubated DAC applications. Participants also included experts in the DAC field.

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