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           Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
  • Women in Power and Decision Making
    • Economic Status
      • Indicator 3.1.1 Share of women and men in employment by sector (non-agricultural), in percentage.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.1.2 Proportion of scientific and Technical and Vocational Education and Training programme graduates, girls and boys, with jobs, in percentage.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.1.3 Proportion of earnings from wages paid in covered maternity leave for a duration of no less than 14 weeks, in percentage. 
        Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.1.4 Gender pay gap in earnings in wage and self-employment, by occupation, in hours.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.1.5 Proportion of workers, women and men, with health insurance, in percentage.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.1.6 Proportion of workers, women and men, with retirement benefits, in percentage.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.1.7 Access of women and men to micro-finance, in percentage.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.1.8 Time spent on unpaid work (domestic and caring for children and elderly).  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.1.9 Ratification (5-point scale measure) of ILO conventions (100, 111, 156, 183).  Metadata | BPfA
    • Power and Decision-Making
      • Indicator 3.2.1 Gender Parity Index for parliamentarians.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.2.2 Gender Parity Index for judiciaries.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.2.3 Gender Parity Index for lawyers.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.2.4 Gender Parity Index for ministers.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.2.5 Gender Parity Index for ambassadors.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.2.6 Gender Parity Index in local government bodies.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.2.7 Year a gender quota for parliamentary representation was instituted.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.2.8 Share of firms with female ownership, in percentage.  Metadata
    • Institutional Mechanisms
      • Indicator 3.3.1 Share of ministerial gender units or focal points, in percentage.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.3.2 Political Will Index for gender equity and empowerment of women.  Metadata | BPfA
    • Conflict and War
      • Indicator 3.4.1 Number of programmes currently in operation that are designed specifically to provide protection, assistance and training to refugee women, by type of organization responsible.  Metadata | BPfA
    • Women and Human Rights
      • Indicator 3.5.1 List of laws prescribing specific legal action against domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape and trafecking.  Metadata | BPfA
      • Indicator 3.5.2 Proportion of public officials trained annually in human rights and humanitarian law for women and men, in percentage.  Metadata | BPfAfA
      • Indicator 3.5.3 CEDAW Ratification without reservation.  Metadata | BPfAfA
      • Indicator 3.5.4 Submission of country CEDAW reports.  Metadata | BPfAfA
      • Indicator 3.5.5 Ratification of United Nations conventions on women?s rights and gender equality (4-point scale measure).  Metadata | BPfAfA

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