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ESCWA Embarks on Promoting Social Dialogue in Sudan, 25-26/04/07

ESCWA recently embarked on the first stage of its Social Policy Project in collaboration with the Sudanese Ministry of Social Welfare, Women and Children Affairs. The project aims at building awareness and consensus on effective mechanisms of social policy, in particular developing the capacity of the Ministry to formulate, coordinate and implement a viable strategy to integrate social equity in public policy-making.
The approach of the Integrated Social Policies Project in Sudan aims at developing awareness of social policy and build consensus throughout all its stages. The project will begin by preparing a national report diagnosing the current status of social policy in the country, the role of social equity and civil society in public policy making, and the social costs of the gaps in social service delivery in terms of marginalisation and social exclusion. Once the report outline is fleshed out, a one-day brainstorming session will be held in Sudan bringing together a wide range of social, economic and institutional partners to discuss the outline from different perspectives, begin articulating the parameters of social policy and reach agreement on the report’s content. A national round table will then be organised to review the first draft of the report as and when it has becomes available. The final report will feed into a national seminar on social policy to hammer out social policy directions and scenarios.

In April 2007, ESCWA welcomed Dr. Khalil Almedani, the national consultant tasked with drafting the national report, to a 2-day briefing session in Beirut. Discussions took place between Dr. Almedani and the Social Development Division Head and staff to elaborate the outline of the national report.

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