Workshop on Establishing Public Private Partnerships
for ICT Initiatives

Ministry of ICT, Amman, Jordan, 26 February - 1 March 2007

List of Documents

Day 1 (IP3 Training)


PPP Options and Structures for Infrastructure Services

Policy, Legal & Regulatory, and Institutional Frameworks for PPPs in ICT

PPPs in ICT Appraisal and Feasibility Analysis Requirements

Case Study

Day 2 (IP3 Training)


Introduction to Project Finance: Rationale, Structure and Financing Characteristics

Tendering and Procurement Techniques for PPPs in ICT

A Contract Compliance Unit, Monitoring the Technical Performance & Regulation

PPP Institutional Frameworks: Developing PPP Units

Day 3 (GKP)


Engaging GKP at the Global Level - GK3, Emerging People, Emerging Markets, Emerging Technologies Engaging GKP at the Regional Level- Introducing the MENA Regional Network

The Science & Arts Foundation - Development through Information and Communication Technology (Ms. Sahba Ladjevardi)

Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSP) the Model, Benefits and Case Studies

Regional Partnership Programme (RPP) Process

Day 4 (Participants' Presentations)


ESCWA's Regional Plan of Action: Partnership (Mr. Abdulilah Dewachi)

Identification of Potential Public Private Partnerships in e-Government: a World Bank view (Mr. Haidar Fraihat)

IT Partnership principles / Arab Vision (Mr. Akram Othman)

PPP for ICT Initiatives-Jordan Education Initiative (Mr. Haif Banayan)

Status of ICT partnerships in Yemen (Mr. Yayha Alrewi)

A Step Forward - Providing Youth with Skills, Training and Employment Opportunities through ICT Initiatives (Mr. Fadi Rezqallah)

Partnership for Community Development the Smart Community Project Experience (Mr. Mansour Farah)




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